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Preservation Technology

Fighting climate change and plastic pollution by transforming plants into biocarbon and bioproducts

Sustainable biomaterial made from natural leaves

Imagine disposables that are just like the ones we use today but made with plant leaves – they're 100% sustainable, capture carbon instead of releasing, cost less, and are safer than ever before
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100% eco-friendly

Enhanced Properties

Sustainable Material

Chemical Free


0% Deforestation


Animal Fodder


Low Cost


Carbon-negative Bio augmentation Technology

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An eco-friendly technology that preserves leaves for one year to create a future-proof material to replace plastic and paper
Naturally, plant leaves degrade within a shelf lifespan of three days and are discarded as waste. Banana Leaf Technology is an eco-friendly technology that preserves the leaves, with their green colour, for up to one year without the use of chemicals.

This tech enhances the leaves' physical properties, thus effectively transforming them into a versatile and viable biodegradable material to manufacture disposable products, capable of replacing a wide range of single-use plastic and paper products. The enhancement includes prolonged shelf life, customisability and multiple material properties.

These processed biomaterials are biodegradable, healthy, human-friendly and completely eco-friendly. The tech is a natural-based, carbon-negative solution for reducing our reliance on environmentally harmful alternatives.
Normal Banana Leaf
After 3 Days
banana leaf technology normal leaf after three days
Processed Banana Leaf
With 1 Year Shelf Life
banana leaf technology processed leaf with one year shelf life
Processed Banana Leaf
With 3 Year Shelf Life
banana leaf technology processed leaf with three year shelf life
How BLT works

Planet-friendly bioproducts made from natural leaves

Banana Leaf Technology Process
Banana Leaf Technology Process Flow
Our technology converts the carbon captured by nature into high-performing green products with minimal impact
It's a four-step process

1. The plant leaves are collected as raw material and are pre-processed to the desired condition.

2. When the desired condition is attained, the raw material undergoes a seven-step technology processing.

3. The technology transforms the plant leaves into an augmented, high-performance material that can be used to manufacture the required product.

4. The augmented material passes through product moulding, and our green products are made.

With first of a kind - sustainable, scalable and non-toxic green manufacturing technology and product development process.^
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Technology Properties

High-performance material enhancement

The technology enhancement includes prolonged shelf life, customisability, and augmented material properties
This biotechnology's unique properties make it one of the key technological solutions to fight plastic pollution.

The technology combines natural and engineered approaches for carbon removal and reduction with the conversion of plant derivatives, typically left to decay or burn, into biomaterial and bioproducts.*

Products that keep CO2 out of the air

Banana Leaf Technology Products image
Wide product range for diverse applications in various industries
This diverse material can be used to replace plastic and other single-use materials across a number of applications.







Biodegradable Alternative



Cost Effective

Renewable Material

The economics of using plant derivatives to make disposables and capture carbon naturally is highly scalable and profitable
Unit Economics

0% Green Premium

The tech provides cost-competitive biobased products to decrease the share of plastics in the end uses that often end up in oceans and landfills.**
per Carbon Credit
$ 1
Biocarbon / Ton
$ 1
Processing cost / Leaf
$ -1
Bioproduct / Unit
$ -1
Captured by Nature.
Built by Us.
Banana Leaf Technology Carbon Theme
Our bioproducts are progressing
Petroleum products
Hazardous contaminants
Non-biodegradable materials
Carbon-negative input
Clean science
Plant-based material
towards a cleaner, safer and healthier world.
Material Properties

A net carbon solution

Banana Leaf Technology Material Properties
Transforming a natural carbon sink into a safe, cost-effective biomaterial alternative to polluting single-use products
The material is 100% natural, fully biodegradable, contains zero plastic, and is wood-free; hence, it prevents deforestation and animal fodder, resulting in no microplastic contamination, biodiversity loss, or chemical leaching.***
Addressing climate change is one of the most urgent challenges of our lifetime.

The Triple Planetary Crisis

The triple planetary crisis refers to the three main interlinked issues that humanity currently faces: climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss.

Each of these issues needs to be solved if we are to have a viable future on this planet.

Climate Emergency

Plastic is a significant contributor to climate change.

Waste Emergency

Waste accumulation is a land, ocean and air pollutant.

Microplastic Emergency

Pollution particles are a health crisis for all living beings.

Health Emergency

Most current eco-materials contain 'forever chemicals'.
The Solution

Technologies and products to curb climate change

Banana Leaf Technology Company Solution
We innovate, build, and operate durable carbon capture and reduction projects with transformative technologies.
The solution is a strategic response to the key market demands:

1. The demand for scalable carbon removal solutions.

2. The absence of forever chemical-free green materials.

3. The long-term dependence on single-use plastic.

An impact business model, addressing the largest environmental concerns – climate change, plastic waste and deforestation.
About Us

Commercializing solutions towards a low-carbon economy

Banana Leaf Technology Company Operations
We are a climate technology company building scalable carbon removal solutions and products.
1. Actively removing atmospheric CO2.

2. Sequestering CO2 into stable products.

3. Putting this valuable carbon to use or storage.

We help curb greenhouse emissions and plastic waste problems with bioproducts and biocarbon that fit a decarbonized economy. As a result, we can reduce the long-term environmental impact of some of the most polluting industries and create a better world.
Biocarbon Market

The carbon removal market is rapidly emerging

Banana Leaf Technology Biocarbon Market
"A net-zero strategy must combine both emissions reductions and the active removal of unavoidable CO₂ emissions" - SBTi standard
Net-zero pathways demand 10 billion tonnes of carbon removal annually by 2050, yet currently, only 0.01% of this carbon is being removed, presenting a 14,000x growth.
Bioproduct Market

The sustainability market is shifting

Banana Leaf Technology Bioproduct Market
"Urgent need to take immediate action towards the long-term elimination of plastic pollution " - UN Zero Draft
About half of the world's plastic is made just for short-term use. And at the rate we are going, the amount is set to triple by 2060.
Why now

The carbon race

CO₂ is the primary driver of climate change.
We deploy scalable carbon sequestration and bioproduct production to meet the growing demand for sustainable materials and durable carbon removal solutions.

Climate Change

Paris Agreement

Sustainable Lifestyle

Net-Zero Targets

Toxic Exposure

Can we make planet scale carbon removal work?
To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we need to actively remove carbon from the atmosphere and accelerate emission reductions. We believe biocarbon is the fastest way to draw down carbon from the atmosphere, and bioproducts are the most efficient way to reduce carbon.
Our Story

Goodbye to single-use plastic, say hello to banana

Inventing carbon science
that drives business.
Humanity stands on the verge of an irreversible environmental crisis, as deforestation and the plastic epidemic contribute to global warming. Paper and plastic are the key players in the destruction of the planet and the millions of disposables, that we use each minute across the globe make them inseparable from our daily lives.

More than half of the world’s plastic and paper are utilized for single-use products, resulting in an annual cut down of 7 billion trees. Disposables, on average serve their purpose for just 10 minutes and ends up as trash, ultimately in the oceans. Mother Nature offers us everything we need, it’s up to humankind to make the right choice. The failure to grasp the effect of the absence of an alternative biodegradable disposable material has been fuelling this climate epidemic so far. Nature and mankind should coexist in every aspect to create a sustainable civilization.

In Asian regions, banana leaves are considered a traditional food medium and used for food packaging. But the limited shelf life and properties were no match for its alternatives. The limitations prevented them from satisfying human needs, globally in the industrial age. As time went by, the drawbacks allowed them to be taken over by alternative products and made obsolete.

This technology evolves the traditional practice to suit modern needs, thus providing a sustainable environmental solution to a longstanding global problem and on its way to saving 4 billion trees every year. This processed biomaterial made from leaves can replace multiple products in various industries and currently serves over 30 products wherein its applications are limitless.

As climate change action is compromised for the economy and ignored for a long while, the United Nations has set forth sustainable development goals to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts from its root.

This startup makes the dream vision, a reality.

This processed biomaterial is totally chemical-free, animal fodder, cost-effective, 100 % bio-degradable, and goes back into nature when discarded in 28 days as opposed to plastic and similar products which stay in nature for around 7,30,000 days. This solves the global landfill crisis that results in constantly rising heaps of garbage which amounts to more than 1 billion tons per year, almost reaching up to Mount Everest.

Owing to the economic, innovative, and environmental impact of this technology, it has received over 7 international awards and 2 national awards, including the prestigious International Environmental Award, International Green Technology Award, and Technology for the Future Award among other esteemed recognitions.

This humble initiative to save millions of trees directs a path for humanity toward saving the environment with the promise of the circular economy.

International Green Technology Award

Technology for the future Award

International Environmental Award





Why banana

Banana is an abundant and renewable resource

Banana Leaf Technology products as animal fodder
The technology leverages millions of years of nature's bioengineering and makes it even better with clean science.
Our technology is designed to have minimal environmental impact; the leaves undergo very few transformations from their raw state to the finished product in comparison with other materials, making it a perfect raw material for single use.

6-12 months

Banana leaves safely decompose anywhere

1 hectare = 137 ton CO2

Banana is a great carbon sink

5.2 million hectare

Banana has existing Agri-infrastructure

one leaf/6 days on avg.

Banana can result in a sustainable chain

365 Days = No season

Banana is circular and available

Tenith Adithyaa invented banana leaf technology at the age of 10

Banana Leaf Technology Inventor Tenith Adithyaa
With the purpose of developing a carbon-negative material to tackle climate change, Tenith has spent 12 years building this seven-step biotechnology, which started in his home-based lab.
Tenith Adithyaa is a serial inventor, entrepreneur, and activist. Born in Tamil Nadu, India, Adithyaa started experimenting at the age of 5 and created his first invention, and released his first software, both at the age of 10.

Adithyaa governs 7 organizations and has 19 inventions in his portfolio. A self-taught programmer, he become proficient in six programming languages by the age of 10. Tenith chose entrepreneurship at the age of 15 and has organizational presence across both India and the United Kingdom.

As the world's youngest adjudicator in the field of science, he has juried over 500 innovations around the globe, since the age of 18. Founder of social movement 'Let's Innovate Youth', Tenith has empowered more than 2,40,000 youths worldwide since its inception in 2009.
Banana Leaf Technology inventor at 2010
Banana Leaf Technology inventor at 2020
The Banana Leaf Technology was formulated by a 10-year-old Indian boy in a rural part of southern India at his very own homemade laboratory. This technology was inspired by the dream to create a superior sustainable biomaterial to put an end to the environmental crisis. His will to revive the forgotten traditional Southeast Asian practice made this research an emotional struggle for the inventor that he longed to make a global habit in this modern era.

It all began when the inventor saw farmers dump heaps of leaves as trash due to the lack of preservation technology, causing a huge economic void. The spark ignited when the question came, “Can these leaves be enhanced biologically?”.

By trial and error, the initial phase of preserving the leaves for about a year without using any chemicals was created in October 2010. As time passed, the technology advanced as a bio enhancement that resulted in four years of research and development. The first international award for this technology was awarded at the global invention fair 2014 in Texas. And that is how this journey began.

Planet-Scale Change

Every one-million banana straw prevents
The technology enables the creation of a system where materials never become waste and nature is regenerated while actively removing atmospheric carbon.^^

3.5 tons

agricultural waste

80 tons

greenhouse emissions



50 tons

water use

800 liters




Marine Debris


Global Warming

Coral Bleaching

Soil Erosion

Our UN goals

In the pursuit of climate neutrality

Augmenting the most advanced manufacturing technology on the planet with clean science
We innovate and develop solutions to advance multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Our mission

Help curb global temperature rise to 1.5°C by 2050

Banana Leaf Technology Company Carbon Capture Target
We are on track to capture 100 million tons of CO2 per year by 2050.
Our goal is to develop solutions and products with the potential to be environmentally beneficial, low-cost and high-volume to achieve large-scale carbon capture.
Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about our work? We have got answers

The technology processes and enhances natural plant leaves into a biobased material capable of manufacturing a diverse range of products. It results in a carbon-negative, chemical-free, zero-plastic material suitable for product manufacturing. The enhancement includes increased shelf life, customizability, and multiple material properties. This tech addresses critical environmental issues and positively impacts the environment, economy, and society.

Yes, 100%. The biobased material and the products made from the technology are free of chemicals and completely organic. As green as nature comes.

Humanity stands on the verge of an irreversible environmental and health crisis.

GHG emissions cause climate change, plastic contributes to pollution, and deforestation leads to biodiversity loss. Thus, we help curb the triple planetary crisis.

Solving this problem creates a ripple effect in the environment and economy, covering more than 14 global environmental challenges and resulting in a circular economy across various industries.

The technology creates a sustainable material that is customizable to make products suitable for a range of applications. We can currently produce more than 30 products that significantly dominate the disposable markets alone. Since this technology can be used to manufacture numerous products, the potential uses are limitless.

Paper and plastic are the critical players in destroying the planet, and the millions of disposables we use each minute across the globe make them inseparable from our daily lives.

Disposables, on average, serve their purpose for just 10 minutes and end up as trash, ultimately in the oceans. Over half of the world’s plastic and paper are utilized for single-use products, so solving this root cause will be a critical game changer in the fight against pollution and climate change.

We are focusing on solving this problem in terms of the bioproduct market.

Yes, it is possible to manufacture any product using this biomaterial, and the products can be customized according to the manufacturer’s design.

The environment under which it is placed plays a key role in the product’s shelf life. If trashed in a degrading environment, it decomposes in a timeline similar to a natural leaf.

We currently use banana leaves as raw materials as they are abundant in nature and a commercially viable choice.

Our focus is to solve the global environmental crisis without compromising the economy. The production of enhanced biobased material from leaves is the most cost-effective biodegradable alternative. The product’s additional cost varies by its design and add-on features like additional mechanical strength and added compliance. We are dedicated to creating eco-friendly, sustainable products made with a 0% green premium and are price-competitive in the current global market.

Yes. The durability depends on the product type, design, and configuration.

Yes. The products made from this biomaterial are exportable. They can be stored for a long time and can be shipped across nations. The materials are rackable, thus saving huge storage space. The rackability of each product depends on its product design.

Yes. The material is a writeable medium, but it is less efficient than paper in colour and surface texture.

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"extended" shall mean lasting longer than is usual or expected while comparing to the shelf life of the original raw material.

"material properties" shall mean any properties that would determine its functionality and manufacturability, thus specifically defining the products' capabilities in all aspects.

** Cost may vary by configuration.

*** The material properties described are based on the information available at the time of publishing.

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"natural yellow" shall encompass any and all different shades of yellow color, varying degrees of shininess, and diverse looks.

The processed material maintains the natural green color to a degree after technology enhancement. The color deteriorates over time.

The natural green color will transition through various shades and eventually turn into a natural yellow color, with the transition period varying but taking a maximum of one year.

The images shown are strictly for illustration purposes only, and may not be an exact representation of the product. Actual products may vary. Please contact us to determine if an image is current or to request an image as needed.

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